Simplicity is a user friendly, labour saving, multi-user system that has built-in validations ensuring excellent data accuracy. Business rules are built into Simplicity to help debt counsellors mitigate problems caused by common industry errors.

This software creates solutions for the debt counsellor that ensures quality in the working environment. Ever since 2008 the developers of Simplicity created the software specifically for Debt Counsellors. It lightens the labour load by having competent features like generating effective proposals and payment plans for you. It sends sms's & emails directly from within the software. You can create merged documents in MS Word from the database; this helps greatly when creating lengthly documents like affidavits.

The Simplicity system is fully integrated with Hyphen PDA, which provides you, the Debt Counsellor, with an uninterrupted and efficient service with no manual intervention and in total control.